Welcome to the Wild Roots Tribe

Hey there Southern Utah, we are five local families that have come together to create an ideal learning environment for our children. We’ve tried most of the local private options and ultimately decided to create our own. At Wild Roots, we feel kids have natural, organic, and intuitive stages of development. They don’t need to consume endless hours of non-essential information to grow to be intelligent, cooperative, conscious, mindful, and wise human beings. The only thing they need is inspiration and a nurtured sense of curiosity.

More Wild Roots Culture

Guiding the innate brilliance of young malleable minds through an intuitive educational evolution.

Guiding the innate brilliance of young malleable minds through an intuitive educational evolution.

Guiding the innate brilliance of young malleable minds through an intuitive educational evolution.

Guiding the innate brilliance of young malleable minds through an intuitive educational evolution.

Guiding the innate brilliance of young malleable minds through an intuitive educational evolution.

Guiding the innate brilliance of young malleable minds through an intuitive educational evolution.

  • Where we foster a deep reverence for our planet in celebration of all life on earth, appreciation of the seasonal shifts, and connection with the natural elements.
  • Where we create self-sustainability through wildcrafting, herbology, survival skills, & gardening.
  • Where we honor life and respect all sentient beings; plants, trees, animals, and insects.
  • Where grounding, meditation, and mindfulness are essential morning practices.
  • Where finding balance and harmony with one’s self and the natural environment are fundamental to the daily journey.
  • Where essential life skills are integrated into our daily rhythms.
  • Where we teach our children how to think, not what to think. Encouraging critical thinking, emotional intelligence, social cues, and effective communication. 
  • Where play & imagination are the most valuable tools in the learning environment.
  • Where music, art, and theatre are of high importance to an elevated life experience.
  • Where your words matter, manifest, and materialize.
  • Where the edible ingredients we consciously choose to consume are just as important as the educational curriculum we offer the tribe.
  • Where toxic chemicals in the form of cleaners, body products, and fragrances don’t exist.
  • Where math, reading, and science are explored in a more holistic approach, in tune with your child’s natural and intuitive learning process.
  • Where community and connection are key and strong communication skills are nurtured.
  • Where we see the light in our children and share our light with them. Where we honor and hold space for emotions and feelings while supporting each other through the process.
  • Where we are safe to be, with no judgment, open to exploring all of the possibilities of anything that wants to be created. We are a fully supportive community. Through you, through us, through all of us.

What we are not...

  • We are not a conventional teaching methodology.

  • We do not subscribe to standardized tests and desks.

  • We do not promote the regurgitation of memorized data.

  • We will not cultivate, nurture, or advocate any form of religious or political belief system.

  • There will be no pledge of allegiance, nor celebration of conventional holidays or birthdays.

  • We do not reprimand for tardies or absences.

  • We are not creating added stress for children for the purpose of making other people happy.

  • We will not be approaching historical events as they are conventionally taught.

  • We are not a place for competitive sports.

  • We will not allow excessive or non-developmental screen time.

Our Educational Facilitators

For our founding educational facilitators, it is the collective environment that sets the stage for an optimal educational experience. With their expertise and heart-led approach, the children of Wild Roots are in good hands.

Wholistic Family Lifestyle Wellness Coach

Bentley Murdock

Bentley Murdock is a wholistic family lifestyle wellness coach, certified wholistic nutritionist, disease reversal specialist, nutritional phlebotomist, and #1 best-selling author.

With over twenty years experience coaching families toward wholistic lifestyle wellness, his multi-faceted approach considers all angles of healing, from plant-sourced nutrition and desire-based re-creation, to mental health, emotional harmony, and relational peace. Bentley is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in psychology, and has always utilized various behavioral and emotional disciplines and methodologies in helping his clients tackle solution-based baby-steps toward long-term, sustainable healing. As owners and founders of Custom Coaching (Family Lifestyle), Healistic Vitality (Disease Reversal), and Mama First Birth Co. (Assisted Home-Birth), Bentley and his wife Michelle guide local families through every chapter and season of family life, from assisted home-birth and present parenting, to passion-directed learning, intentional living, disease prevention, and the perpetual pursuit of youthful vitality. To connect with Bentley or Michelle, send an email to: Aloha@HealisticVitality.com
Co-Founder/Producer at Trinity Peak Foundation

Jess Engel

Jess Engel is the founder of Trinity Peak Foundation and passionate about education for children. As a mother of five, she has experienced many beautiful (and less desirable) aspects of childhood development. She is passionate about connecting parents and children with Mother Nature and transforming the world of education through open heart connections.

Jess knew that she loved teaching children the first time she got the opportunity, at age 16. As a young mother, she raised her children in Montessori classrooms while learning to teach and parent. She became NCME Teacher Certified (aka AMS) in 1999. She poured herself into every facet of early childhood philosophy during the first part of her career. Jess went on to Direct Operations, Field Supervise and Train for Montessori schools while developing an interest in business. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Business Studies in 2012, ultimately developing solutions for children and families, including her own family foundation called Trinity Peak.

Jess loves working with children and linking arms with parents to transform education. She is passionate about hearts and minds opening inside the loving arms of Mother Nature.

Jess currently lives with her wife and two dogs, in sunny San Diego, CA. She has 5 adult children and many babies nearby. Her interests include yoga, hiking and writing children’s books & lessons.

Communication is Key

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