The Bybees

  1. Outdoor space (Trees, creek, animals, greenhouse, or garden area)
  2. Full kitchen
  3. Math is taught super well and made to live for the students with tangibles etc.
  4. Music instruments and instruction from someone passionate about music
  5. Art is integrated into daily lessons to help education come to life
  6. Life skills instruction
  7. Movement throughout the day while learning, ie. repeating math problems while jumping rope
  8. 1-2 Live theatre pieces a year = age appropriate
  1. Spend time on a computer instead of working with real people.  
  2. Clothing should not restrict play or draw unnecessary attention.

The Murdocks

  1. Nature, mature trees, access to the garden (and ideally a greenhouse), access to fruit trees, access to animals (whether on-site or through local partnerships
  2. Large communal space (barn or similar)
  3. Enough enrollment to justify top-notch mentors
  4. Dedicated admin staff (even if it’s one person hired specifically for that task)
  1. Religious guilt/shame influence
  2. Woke politics
  3. Bullying of any kind will not be tolerated
  4. No comparing students one to another especially when it comes to academics
  5. No profanity or vulgarity
  6. Although full embrace of all humans will be critical there will be no sex education or gender influence from staff nor from learners
  7. No belittling or condescending or guilting or shaming allowed

The Knights

  1. Health and nutrition 
  2. Earth outdoor area 
  3. Vetting process for incoming family’s/students 
  4. The arts. music, art, theatre, etc.
  5. Cooking 
  6. Gardening (ecosystems)
  7. Individual learning 
  8. Community 
  9. Motion 
  10. Daily and quarterly goals to help with progress development
  1. Shaming, belittling, bullying 
  2. Screens (excessive – or to fill time) 
  3. Pledge of allegiance/ prayers/ religion 
  4. Candy – especially as a reward
  5. Isolation 
  6. Sex education / No promotion of any sexual ideology in the classroom. (LGBTQ) 
  7. Pop culture

The Dieters

  1. Vetting Process
    Let’s make sure we are cultivating the group of kids and parents most nurturing to our collective ideal. 
  2. Exploratory Education
    Meaning there is no one “right” way to learn something.
  3. Honoring and Mindfulness of all Sentient Beings
    Meaning, don’t just kill a fly if it’s bugging you, help it find its way out, and don’t just take an ax to a tree for fun, if you’re going to ax, use the wood.
  4. Nature
    The more natural environments we can immerse the kids in, the better.
  5. Nutrition / Full Kitchen
    SUPER HIGH PRIORITY: We should not allow unvetted food into the school and optimally, that wouldn’t even be an issue if we properly pre-qualify families. This is non-negotiable and should be one of our top three priorities. Let’s teach the kids to read ingredients, what they are, what they can do to you, and how to eat and shop mindfully. 
  6. Plant Medicine / Herbology
    Let’s teach the kids a holistic approach to medicine via real food and medicinal healing plants. 
  7. Wilderness / Survival Skills
  8. Mindfulness / Meditation / Quieting the Mind Skills
    We are human beings, not human doings and as a collective species, we are and have been way off track. Let’s ground and quiet the minds of our kids.
  9. Musical Expression / Vocal & Instrumental
  10. Mindful of Language
    Language is extremely powerful whether spoken or written. Let’s teach the kids the power of language and how it creates their reality.
  11. Cooperation Mindset
    How powerful this will be when humanity collectively steps out of the competition mindset.
  12. Age Equality
    Highly supported communication skills within the community.
  13. Strong Sense of Empathy
    A supportive and nurturing community.
  14. Co-creative Play and Use of Imagination
  15. Math and Reading
    Taught creatively, fun, and engaging.
  16. Science Experiments 
  17. Strong Connections
    Cultivated with nature, plants, animals, and seasons.
  18. Movement
    Connecting with the body.
  19. Organized Clean Environment
  20. Celebration
    of life, experience, relationships, nature, and connection.
  1. No religious connotations, affiliations, or implications of any kind.
  2. No competitive sports.
  3. No pledge of allegiance to any flag, country, idea, or concept. 
  4. No celebration of “conventional holidays”.
  5. No teaching of “conventional history”.
  6. No bullying.
  7. No “birthday parties”.
  8. Minimal screens = maximum engagement.